Ts Foxxy what a smoking hot chick. I have enjoyed her work for some time now. Shes amazing looking and loves what she does. Her personality really shines in her work.

I read she was approached by directors and photographers in her first year living in Vegas at the time Foxxy was working as  a go-go dancer. After that the rest is history she stuck with the adult industry and has become the star we see today.

These new sets added to her solo site ts-foxxy.com are just drop dead gorgeous! Foxxy’s  tanned skin, great boobs,huge booty and one of the hottest faces I have ever laid eyes on. My cock instantly goes rock hard for her. I would pump her full of cream if i had the chance. I just might have to make a trip out to Vegas.


Kimber James USA GODDESS

Kimber James  was born April 2, 1988 in Miami, Florida USA. She already has won the  AVN Award for Transsexual Performer of the Year in 2010.

I have always been a big fan of Kimber James. I’ve jerk to her ever since she started modeling. Some people don’t approve like the way her transformation has gone. I really enjoy her super boobs, big lips and all and all over the top glamor look.

Kimbers penis for some time was always small and soft but lately i have seen some scenes where its back in action! Maybe shes on Viagra what ever it is its working keep it up! Pun intended.

Kimber James has a huge fan base and with that comes the hatters! I love your work and what your doing! KImber James is a true goddess and sexual idol of our time.