Girl has a Penis! Mia Isabella

Its something special to see a girl rocking a rock hard penis! Trannies have the best from both worlds. That said Mia Isabella  has always summed it up for me. She is a true goddess. Call me a freak for  perfection. Mia Isabella  is a bombshell knockout! Her husband is so lucky!


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2 thoughts on “Girl has a Penis! Mia Isabella

  1. Hi Kevin,Generally speaking, fendirs and family that would not approve of your relationship with a transgender woman are projecting their own fear and insecurities upon you. This does not mean that they don’t genuinely care about you but they have to learn how to conquer their fear and love and trust you enough to allow you to pursue happiness as you see fit.By the same token, you have to respect the feelings of your fendirs and/or family by not trying to force them to change. If they want to go so far as terminating contact with you, allow them to do so but always maintain a loving attitude and keep the channels of communication open and available.If your relationship with you transgender lover brings you a happiness your loved ones will eventually sense this and the pain they experienced by not trusting your judgment will eventually disappear. When the time is right for them, they will reestablish contact with you. In the end, love, the most powerful force in the universe, conquers all!Hugs & Kisses Deexoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Excellent thoughts! You must do what makes you happy! You need to live for your self first. Then when family is ready and understanding hopefully they will understand.

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