Ts Foxxy what a smoking hot chick. I have enjoyed her work for some time now. Shes amazing looking and loves what she does. Her personality really shines in her work.

I read she was approached by directors and photographers in her first year living in Vegas at the time Foxxy was working as  a go-go dancer. After that the rest is history she stuck with the adult industry and has become the star we see today.

These new sets added to her solo site ts-foxxy.com are just drop dead gorgeous! Foxxy’s  tanned skin, great boobs,huge booty and one of the hottest faces I have ever laid eyes on. My cock instantly goes rock hard for her. I would pump her full of cream if i had the chance. I just might have to make a trip out to Vegas.


Holly Harlow

Holly is a beautiful white British Tgirl.  I just discovered her the other day.

Shes a bombshell babe with big juicy boobs and lips! I’m in love with her lips I could make  out with Holly all day. Play with those perky tits! They just look so suck and fuckable. I can just imagine striping Holly Harlow down naked and standing in awe. I would have to pick my jaw up from the ground. Seeing this British chick bare naked  would be unbelievable.  Look at her pretty monster to play with. You’d be crazy not to bang Holly Harlow up the butthole.

I cant wait to see more of Holly Harlow.



Jenna Bermuda (Belle) is just getting hotter and hotter. She is a bilingual Latina from Philadelphia. She since has moved out to L.A get in to the tranny scene. You can find this sexy young 26 year old  at the clubs doing here thing. This American Tgirl is already becoming very popular. I wonder if she will ever open her own solo site. We can only hope.

Jenna style is amazing! Shes just a dream cum true. With her sexy tanned skin, big plump ass,great tits,cute cock and a face to die for.  I wanna bang this chick so bad! I have seen a couple of videos shes in and oh boy does Jenna know how to take a cock up her brown eye! Shes cock hungry.


Isabelly Killer & Bruna Butterfly Schoolgirls

Once again I am  posting a set with the gorges Brunna Butterfly.

Schoolgirls this time! The very cute schoolgirls get tired after studying so “hard”. They deice to have some fun with each other. I just love watching two Tgirls suck and fuck each other!  I would have to join in  Isabelly Killer & Bruna Butterfly and teach them a lesson or two.

Awesome to see Bruna Butterfly take that dick up her butt!

Great site www.trannies-fuck.com


Kimber James USA GODDESS

Kimber James  was born April 2, 1988 in Miami, Florida USA. She already has won the  AVN Award for Transsexual Performer of the Year in 2010.

I have always been a big fan of Kimber James. I’ve jerk to her ever since she started modeling. Some people don’t approve like the way her transformation has gone. I really enjoy her super boobs, big lips and all and all over the top glamor look.

Kimbers penis for some time was always small and soft but lately i have seen some scenes where its back in action! Maybe shes on Viagra what ever it is its working keep it up! Pun intended.

Kimber James has a huge fan base and with that comes the hatters! I love your work and what your doing! KImber James is a true goddess and sexual idol of our time.


Adriana Lynn Rush

Nicole Starr is now the new and improved Adriana Lynn Rush. Has her own solo site now!

I personally was never really into black Tgirls. I only find a small amount of them attractive. Saying that  Adriana Lynn Rush is the hottest black Tgirl I have ever seen! Her new look now is just jaw dropping! Adriana Lynn Rush has the pornstar look down pat. The things I would to this chick!

Adriana Lynn Rush style is fresh and new. Sexy tattoos,big jugs,big ass, and a super sexy face. Just a great combo! Shes has the type of ass you could pound till you die! I just love the look of her asshole! It looks so tight and cute.

Adriana Lynn Rush your a true beauty!



Bruna and Adryella SHEMALE CLUB

www.shemale-club.com thank you for another amazing set with one of my new favorite Brazil Tgirls Bruna Butterfly! I just had to add this set and video to my blog. Bruna is such a babe! Just watching her top Adryella is so hot! Bruna has a cute innocent teen look in this set. I wonder what that young ass of hers taste like?!..Candy maybe. Anyway I Wish I could get between these girls! If I had the chance to bend that Bruna Butterfly over the couch I would enjoy every second of it. Why do they make em so hot in BRAZIL!!


USA Shemale Pornstar Ashely George

Ashely George I’m in love with her work! Big fan of  her site and personal swag. NYC girl!

Just came across this set of Ashely George. Her style its so “trendy”right now. She looks like a girl off the shore or something Jeresy. The tanned, dark hair and over top makeup.
What a great shoot!

Girl next door gone bad!
I would love to have a chance reck this chick! Strip her out of that bra and oh wait her cock is popped out! She has to be one of the hottest American shemale stars ever.
Keep up the good work we love it! I will be posting on Ashely Again Soon



Leticia Castro Brazil Ass

Leticia Castro is just another beauty from Sao Paulo, Brazil . She was born in 1991 so she is 21 years old. Just a fresh young tranny. This solo set from brazilian-transsexuals.com is kick ass! Leticia is one stunning girl! Those boobs are so big and squishy looking. I love to titty fuck them red and raw. And That just the warm up Ha-Ha The ass on this girl is just from another world. Just check out Leticia Castro amazing  pink asshole!  So tight looking and tasty! I would eat off  her ass any day! Leticia Castro one gorgeous tranny. She is just plain gorgeous makes me pop a hard one.  Leticia Castro got a very cute cock. I would just love to rub are dicks together and finger her ass ..maybe get part of my hand up her ass. See how far she can stretch the booty. Trannies are the best women. Love your work Leticia Castro 


Sarina Stripped Naked

By now you must know I’m a big fan of   Sarinas work.  She’s just such a total hottie.  I just  love to see her stripped down bare naked with her over sized jugs out just to be  sucked on!!! And wow Look at the girly cock! Boink! I like to get my hands on that tool any day.
The blonde look on Sarina is alright. I liked  it best when she had the colorful cartoon look. It just seemed to be very original. Saying that  l would like to see her get really tanned.  I like my girls perfect and all glamed out! So she’s right up my ally. Ha-ha I’d like to get up her back ally Ha-ha!
When Sarina comes out with new content I really like to jerk to it like a school boy!
She’s a shemale goddess. Keep making the porn we all love and wack to like attics! Your a true beauty and more then a women!
 Sarina Valentina Xoxox


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